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As wonderful as life can be, it can also be difficult, and at times, even messy. It is often, when we don’t know where to go next, and we feel as if we have exhausted all of our resources, that the greatest personal transformations occur. Often it is during the times of our greatest despair that our wounding is paving the way to our greatest gifts. When we admit that “we don’t know”,  an unlikely strength arises from vulnerability, and a wisdom which only life experience can provide.  Although it takes great courage to acknowledge the reality of where we happen to be, once we do, it is exactly from this place that healing and hope begins. Life requires change and sometimes loss, but we need not wonder in that barren wilderness alone, as neither change nor healing happens in isolation, but is discovered in  relationship with a trusted other. It is in that therapeutic relationship of safety, genuine regard, honesty, transparency, and lack of judgement, that we find insight, wisdom, and hope. In counseling we learn, test, and develop life skills that make our everyday lives work more effectively. In psychotherapy, we engage our conscious and unconscious motivations, wounds, and conflicts as well as our style, blind spots, and issues that may be inhibiting growth, joy, and relationships. We learn to find our source, our wisdom, our truth, and ultimately ourselves. Through therapy, we experience the support to face issues with a vulnerability that both liberates and transforms us.     When we take the responsibility for our lives, we are able to change. I have found therapy is like debriding a stream. You don’t make it a stream, but allow it to become more fully what it already was. Welcome to what I know to be a wonderful, exciting, though occasionally scary and painful journey, in the service of becoming whole and authentic. Therapy was for me the most difficult, exciting, rewarding,  healing and transforming experience I have ever known, and blessed my life beyond measure. My greatest hope is that you will find your experience to be similar.


About Wayne Hulon

Wayne Hulon’s formal education includes an undergraduate degree from Samford University and a graduate degree (MDiv.) from Emory University. He is recognized by the State of Georgia as a Licensed Professional Counselor, a member of the American College of Psychotherapy, an American Board Certified Psychotherapist, and has been in practice for over 40 years.

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